Monday, August 25, 2008

Hombre Mega !!!

So I started a blog with some friends where we draw a classic character from back in the day every week. This week it's MEGA MAN. Check out the blog at

Sunday, August 03, 2008

It's been a While pt II

Hello everyone, it's been foreeeever since I last posted. As usual I've been incredibly busy, we've been in crunch at work for the last few months finishing up BOLT, which should be a greeeeat movie, trust me. LINK to the trailer.

Aside from work I'm staying extra busy starting up my own clothing company with my girlfriend, we're both collaborating on the designs. Here's a link to a temporary, low budget, working on a real site, blog we set up the night before Comic Con. LINK The brand is dfrnt, as in different/diferente/other latin rooted words for different. The brand is trademarked and we've copyrighted all our characters with the feds for protection.

As far as art that I can post, all I have right now is some sketches from the figure sessions I attend every now and then, they're posted above. We're keeping all t shirt art under wraps. There's some character design work I've done that I'm not sure if I can post, but I'll find out and post that if possible. I've switched to ink lately, so all the work above is done directly in ink or marker during my figure sessions, except for two of the ones at the very top.

Before I go, sorry if I have been outta touch for a few months, I'm still trying to learn how to slow down enough to have time to give friends a call here and there. The good news is that once BOLT wraps up life can go back to 40 hr work weeks and 2 day weekends so I should have plenty of time to relax. I hope you're all doing well, and I do check your blogs out often to continue the inspiration you guys gave me during my Ring a ling days. One more thing, I'll be at Siggraph helping out at the Disney booth on that Wednesday so stop by and say hello. Keep in touch everyone.