Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back in Action

Finally, internet access. I started my final year of school yesterday. In class we went over the schedule for our thesis projects and it is going to be a hectic year, as usual. I will continue to post sketches and art related stuff but I might limit my thesis posts just so it's fresh when people first see it. Here's a couple of sketches from my sketchbook, it's a 3" by 5" so the lines aren't as sharp as usual. And yes, this is my final one of these mosaic looking head pages, for now. In case you are wondering why my pages are so dirty... when I sketch in pencil my page ends up really smudged up thanks to Carlos Huante. He's a concept artist who purposely smudges very loose sketches to get a midtone, and then he pulls out his highlights with an eraser as he refines his design, it's a quick way to render. I hope everyone is doing good, and good luck in the coming months.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

No Internet in the Hood

Well, I'm back in L.A. My intership ended last Friday and I got back Sunday. Just want to thank everyone at MAXIS for running such a creative studio. EA and San Francisco were cool, but there's no place like home. Unlimited homemade tacos and a day at the beach my first day back, priceless. I haven't posted anything since, and I probably will not post until I get back to school since I don't have any internet access at home. I am updating this using my cell phone at the moment so I'm making it quick. I owe a feww people money so I'm heading out to Vegas tommorrow, wish me luck. I'll see most of you when school starts, to everyone else who graduated, good luck getting your careers started and see you in the real world when I finish in May. Peace out.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Modeling Continues

Here's a few images. I'm throwing in the exploratory bust I made and an expression sheet. I decided to roughly block out the beard to see if the head I was modeling was getting there, I think it's on it's way. My final model will be a combination between the original sketch posted near the very bottom of my blog, the maquette I made, and the expression sheet. Feel free to post some feedback. I'm still very much in progress with this, so ANY would help. Harsh crits are welcomed.

Thursday, August 03, 2006

One more

Final one of these for a while, must crank out my model this weekend.

Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Random Sketch

I got to work early today so I had time to scan a page from my sketchbook, here you go.

Slow Progress

This model is turning out to be a beast of a project. I still have tons to do everywhere, hands, arms, face, beard, and overall style (planes, edges, straights, and curves). I'm expecting the branches and beard to really bring it together. I made a quick scale comparison of how I think the final models will compare. Oh, and the kid doesn't have a square head. Time to sleep.