Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Visit new blog for all my new personal work

This blog hasn't had any recent artwork for a while, except for the reel and portfolio below. If you're looking for recent updates, take a look at my new blog over at which my wife and I have been updating for a while now with our collaborative work.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Animation Reel (temporary)

Tony Cabrera Animation Reel (temporary) from Tony Cabrera on Vimeo.
I was solely responsible for the character animation on all the included clips. All the models were made available by the studio. This work was done during my time at Disney Feature Animation where I progressed from an apprentice to an animator.


1) Character animation on Rapunzel test(for cloth/hair sim purposes)
2) Character animation for TANGLED
3) Character animation for TANGLED
4) Character animation for SUPER RHINO, all except vehicles
5) Character animation for BOLT
6) Character animation for BOLT
7-11) Personal tests while at Disney Animation

I have more work that I will be allowed to include with my reel once Tangled is released. I just wanted to provide some materials at this stage to show my interest in any available opportunities at your studio. Thank you for your time.

My Animated Short

Student Thesis TAKEN from Tony Cabrera on Vimeo.

I was solely responsible for all aspects of this production, story, visual development, character design, modeling, layout, animation, etc.... tons of fun. This short was completed during my senior year at Ringling School of Art & Design, where fellow students and instructors served as advisors.


Portfolio Selection

Below are a few images from my portfolio, these are more development oriented, there's a range of stuff really, a refined development portfolio could be created if desired.
Copyright 2010, Tony Cabrera, All Rights Reserved.

copyright 2010, Tony Cabrera, All Rights Reserved